Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nutrition / fitness Week in Review - Nov 30

Okay, as far as exercise goes, I did okay last week. I planned for six days of activity - hoping to get in a two-hour day. That didn't happen. I exercised 5 days this week, with no running, and no double days. I did get off of my ass enough to get a couple of really good workouts in (especially Kick, Punch, and Crunch). Also, despite feeling sick as a dog yesterday, I managed to complete a yoga workout (Inhale DVR'd from Oxygen). (Putting things in perspective, Steve Ross, the inspirational host of Inhale was in Mumbai last week. My thoughts are with him and everyone affected by the terrorist attacks there).

Nutrition is different altogether. I ate (almost) two huge Symphony bars. One I bought in preparation for making these chocolate chip cookies (awesome recipe, when I make it I use more oats, fewer pecans). When my husband and I shared the bar instead, I decided to use leftover chocolate from the kids' Halloween haul. Husband didn't love that idea, so he bought another (which I ate in protest). Also didn't journal anything this week, and I probably didn't eat enough veggies most days. Also: feeling crappy + pretzels and other junk food in house = me feeling crappier having eaten most of the junk myself.

This being almost on plan is not good enough.

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