Monday, November 17, 2008

Exercise is Non-Negotiable November 17 - 22

Monday - 60 minutes on treadmill 5.09 miles running/ walking intervals @2pm. Nothing like being 5 minutes late to pick up my kids from school because I was running :) Playlist is all over the place - time to make a new one!

*Tuesday - "Bootcamp" w/ Cathe Friedrich. Sumo Squats almost did me in today. Fun and Exhausting (1 hr).

*Wednesday - Total Body Sculpt Plus II (Gilad) - arm is still soooo sore from Tetanus shot yesterday (1 hr).

*Thursday - Day off, went to bed early to get some sleep, dog woke me up four times wagging her tail and jumping up to bump her nose into my face - aargh!

*Friday - Total Body Sculpt Plus III - so, so many lunges. Got my husband to work out w/ me (by asking incessantly, putting his shoes next to him, putting the workout on the plasma, doing handstands until he finally relented were a few of my methods to get him to agree).

*Saturday - Cardio Blast (Cathe Friedrich) "Muscle Endurance." One of the less challenging Cathe Friedrich workouts. Four days later tetanus shot still hurts.

*(edited to add)

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