Monday, December 1, 2008

Exercise is Non-Negotiable, December 1-6

So, the target for this week is 6 days of exercise, and at least one session on the treadmill (or at the track weather permitting). One double day needs to be in the mix this week too.

Monday - Total Body Sculpt w/ Gilad (Bum, thighs, arms, abs). Also, took 3-y-o out in snow to play for 2 hours! Dragged the sled (with him in it) up and down the hills behind the house, then across the street, down through the unshoveled sidewalks on the block, around the park, and back home to shovel the driveway and sidewalk.

*Tuesday - P90X Plyometrics with hubby, then some abs.

*Wednesday - Cathe Friedrich Pyramid Upper Body and Core Max 3

*Thursday - Gilad's Total Body Sculpt Plus V DVR'd from FitTV. The workouts in Total Body Sculpt are consistently more challenging to me than the P90X workouts.

*Friday - Gilad "Shoulders and Abs II" and Gilad's Total Body Sculpt -"Inner Thighs, Abs, and Back." TBS used medicine ball, lighter and heavier weights.
Favorite today were the punching and knee combo.

*Saturday - 5 mile run (on treadmill) - did a couple of high/fast intervals to keep it interesting.

*(edited to add)


Anne said...

How wonderful that you've lost so much weight and been able to keep most of it off. I know from experience it's especially difficult when you have small children and live in a land with really long winters.

Thanks for dropping by and providing an excellent tip. Damn those cookies.

P/F said...

Hey thanks for stopping to look at my new blog. I just started reading Run DMZ and really enjoy it. My running is pretty much limited to 5 miles at a time so far, but I hope to at least finish a half marathon at some point (maybe next year?).

P/F said...

Whoo Hoo!!! Six days of exercise!!