Friday, November 28, 2008


So, C exercised with us yesterday, and it was a pretty good workout. C is a master at all pushups. We did regular, tricep pushups, and planks - he had perfect form for all of them. Last week he did a P90X workout w/ his dad, so he did something like 150 pushups - all with perfect form. Once I get to about 16, it's all girl push-ups for me.

C was mad at me when he woke up Thursday morning because I told him that he could exercise with me Wed, then I got caught up cleaning and stressing and never worked out.

Wednesday morning, before the older kids got up, Hubby and I watched How I Met Your Mother on the DVR. It was an episode about a dating technique called "The Naked Man." Three-year-old came downstairs while it was on, and went behind the couch to play with his cars. As the show ended, 3-y-o came running from behind the couch wearing only his underwear and a big smile saying, "I'm the naked man!" Great parenting Mom and Dad! But, it was adorable.

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