Sunday, November 30, 2008

Going back to Weight Watchers

I know that there are so many people who can't stand Weight Watcher's, but it's what's kept 40 lbs (officially) off of my body for almost two years. Why I'm going back? I need to get rid of the 10 lbs that keeps me from my ideal weight, and the weekly meeting makes me more able to do that. Does it mean that I'm going to have to sit through someone feeling sorry for themselves for gaining .5 lbs? Yes, and it also means that I get to listen to people raving about making baked goods from a mountain of artificial sweetener :P The meetings are also a place where every week, someone is doing something inspirational to make their lives more healthy, satisfying, and rewarding.

The things I take away from a WW meeting?

  • On Plan (or Perfectly On Plan), we have infinity ways to make weightloss work for us.
  • The leader/members give me food for thought in some aspect of my weightloss journey that I'm not necessarily thinking about.
  • I get an hour to focus on my priority of being healthy.
  • Time "alone" (without husband or kids, and outside of the house!).
  • After meeting grocery run (without kids or husband).
As sad as it sounds, because of my husband's industry there is no way of knowing what his schedule is going to be in a given week, except that it will be 50 hours minimum; the last three on the list are pretty important to me. Aside from the time it takes to get my haircut every six weeks, I do not get to leave the house alone - ever. When I have a WW meeting to go to, somehow my husband is able to get it together enough almost every week to meet me at the center at 7pm. The time that I get at the meeting helps me really refocus on what my goals for the week are going to be. Also, grocery shopping right after a meeting ensures fresh produce at least once per week, and I get through the store so much more quickly when I'm going solo.

So, I'll weigh myself tomorrow to see where I am, and hopefully I'll be going to a meeting this week. I know that they'll be bringing in any new changes on Dec 7th, so I'd like to go back to see what the changes are anyway.

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