Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gilad Spotting

Just watched Burn After Reading, and, John Malkovich working out to Gilad? Awesome.

...4 miles today! Not all running, knee was feeling a little sticky, so I took it a little easy.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Get the ball rolling

So, I've managed to overcome a bit of my inertia of late. I managed to work out three days so far this week. Most of my challenge is just getting started. I worked out (Cathe Slow and Heavy chest and back, ow) on Tuesday, then husband asked me to go to the track with him and the boys. I said that I'd walk a couple of laps. Well, I got there and started to walk, and of course the music started to get to me and I wound up running a few miles in my trail shoes. Hubs knows that if I get started, I cannot help myself and have to continue until I get in a full workout.

So that's the idea for the rest of the week. Of course 6 veg/fruit per day, 6 waters per day, and FIVE minutes of working out. Five because I know that if I can just get started, I'll get in a full workout.

Any other tips for just making it happen?

Monday, July 20, 2009


We all have things going on in our lives that give us the excuse to not get it together, and I have a bagful, but they are just excuses. I know that by staying healthy and fit I'm way better equipped to handle the crap that gets thrown at me on a day-to-day basis.

Despite several aborted attempts, I have not maintained any real focus this summer when it comes to exercise and healthy eating. I went to Weight Watchers and was feeling really gung-ho about losing the 10 lbs I wanted to lose, but when I got to the magic number, my focus dropped and I started slagging off on exercise and eating crap at meal times. I had a pretty good wakeup call this morning when (TMI alert) I noticed that my bra is starting to spill over with the abundance of chest that I'm sporting. I am NOT going to buy new bras - they are too expensive and I'd rather save my money for something good.

It's like I'm trying to roll a giant boulder (not my chest), and I'm great as long as I keep moving and don't let my focus shift. If I let my focus lag just a bit, that boulder is impossible to move. That's where I am right now; headed uphill, bracing the boulder so it doesn't roll backwards and squash the crap out of me. I'm just looking for a little reserve of strength to get it rolling in the right direction.

So today I'm going to journal my food, I'm going to get (at least) 30 minutes of exercise, and I'm going to eat 6 servings of veg/fruit.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Woman Worrier

So, Death Case Scenario: it's where normal people look at glass of water filled to the halfway point and say, "it's half-full'" or, "It's half empty." People like me look at it and say, "I'm going to pick up the glass to take a drink, it's going to slip out of my hand, and I'll fall and bash my head off of the corner of the counter while trying to save it."

Just to further illustrate Death Case Scenario in action, I put together a little list of irrational fears. Usually the minute I think of them, I laugh at the absurdity, but it is the way I think.

Irrational Fears: Home Edition
  • Do you know how sometimes there are worms in old, cloth books? Or that there are pantry bugs that can get into your flour, sugar or whatever? I sometimes worry that at some point between manufacture and sitting in my cabinet, my tampons could harbor an infestation that I'll unknowingly insert.
  • I worry that while running with my dog, she'll dart to the side quickly and I'll step on one of her legs, breaking it.
  • I've worried that my sweat will cause me to be electrocuted by my iPod.
  • I've wondered if the glaze on my coffee mug could be tainted with lead.
  • I've wondered the same of the vitamin I take to be healthy.
  • If my knitting is next to the bed, I have to move it before I go to sleep because I fear that I'll fall out of bed in the night and be impaled on one of the needles.

Any one else do this from time to time? What's your worry?