Friday, November 14, 2008

Purple Heart

Okay, this is kind of weird. I've kind of been on an emotional high since Nov. 4 , and all sorts of things are getting done much better and faster than usual at the p/f house. I've made all of the random last doctor, dentist, vet, eye appointments for the year. My son broke his glasses (again) and they've given him ANOTHER free pair (yay Costco!). Homework is getting done quickly and without incident, and it is actually making it from his planner to the teacher's basket on the first day he brings it to school. My kitchen hasn't looked better in months, except for the fact that we still have an improbable island completely blocking any traffic flow, I swear one day soon, I'm going to cut off the power to the island and take it out myself.

Anyway, I had just pulled out a Rubbermaid tote full of the last of G's baby clothes, and was getting ready to take them to the Salvation Army when the phone rang. Purple Heart was coming the next day, and did I have anything that I wanted to leave out for donation? Really? All I had to do was bag them and they'd pick them up on my front porch.

Even though I have no trouble with Oprah, I am kind of bandwagon resistant and get annoyed each time a book I'm about to read winds up in her bookclub (or that I was totally going to buy A Stroke of Insight before it was on her show, now I feel meh about it - sort of like how the popularity of the song Stand ruined R.E.M. for me).

But Law of Attraction people? It is working.

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