Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Exercise is Non-Negotiable, December 16-20

Okay, getting a late start on this too. But, I did manage to cancel much of my sleep debt last night. Slept from 9pm to 6:50am.

Tuesday - 5 1/4 mile run on treadmill. Had lots of fun. Ran to a DJ Ted Eiel podcast (superchunk?) Look for his podcasts on itunes - they're really good.

*Wednesday - Power Hour w/ Cathe Friedrich (arms, back, abs, buns, legs)

*Thursday - Two Gilads - husband worked out with me, laughing so hard must have been good for my abs.

*Friday - Spent 2 hours shoveling 10 inch snowfall, plus 4-ft snowdrift from driveway.

*Saturday - 30 minutes spent shoveling 4-ft wide, 3 to 4-ft high wall of snow that the plow deposited across the bottom of the driveway. There is a park across the street. A park with no houses, or driveways. Can you please plow towards that side next time, thanks.
*(edited to add)


Anonymous said...

I'm going to drive to the mailbox for my exercise today.

POD said...

Shoot, I was logged in as my bf. Dammit
He would never say that.