Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Exercise is Non-Negotiable, December 29 - January 3

I did go for a 40 min walk with my dog on Sunday, but didn't count it as exercise because I had to stop every 20 seconds or so to get her head on straight again, so we seriously only walked little over a mile in that time.

Monday - Gilad's Bodies in Motion (back,abs) and Total Body Sculpt w/ Gilad (arms,thighs,shoulders)

*Tuesday - No exercise - power outage all over Detroit metro area means day three with no power at husband's work. Burned up infinity calories being pissed at husband who cancelled our New Years trip to visit family (and have a night to ourselves at the hotel). Instead of having Wed - Sunday off, he'll be working on some crappy commercial. Once again work wins over family.

*Wednesday - Gilad's Bodies in Motion and Total Body Sculpt w/ Gilad

*New Year's Day - Total Body Sculpt Plus VIII. Seems that TBS+7 was erased, and Saturday's show will be...8. So, 9 weeks until I can record '7.' Evs.

*Friday - Cathe Friedrich - Bootcamp. I love you Cathe, my arms and aching legs thank you too :) Also, poop-eating dog loves this workout because of the multiple opportunities to stand over me while I work on abdominals. Love you too Chloe!

*Saturday - 30 min on elliptical, 20 min running on treadmill. I have a professed dislike of elliptical machines but this one was really good (Star Trac Natural Runner). The only think that I'd probably say is that I'd prefer if the handles moved.

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P/F said...

Exercise every day since new years!