Monday, December 8, 2008

Tree Day

Putting up the Christmas tree tonight. Original plan was day after Thanksgiving, but needed to wait for husband to bring in sandbags so that I could put the base of the tree in a large planter (you know, sometimes it takes a few weeks for that to happen). In the meantime, went to Bordine's and they had beautiful (fake) trees. I was about two seconds away from replacing our 10-year-old tree (that takes me all day to put up) when I realized that it didn't have LED lights. Bad store!

They did have other trees with LED's, but not any of the trees that I liked. So, I went to Michael's - spent $99 on silk stems and tabletop pieces from the Metallic Shimmer collection (50% off + 25% off coupon). I'll have to add some silk stems to the old tree to hide its infernal ugliness. I'll try to post some pictures of the finished product.

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