Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Poor Dale

So...the week's starting a little slow around here. Sunday the whole family went to church - this is a literal first for our family. My husband grew up Catholic, but not a fan. I grew up Episcopalian, but the family stopped going before I was confirmed. I went to a 'Christian' church with my friend in high school for a while but was honestly turned off to that on my first visit ("AT&T just announced that it is discontinuing it's support of Planned Parenthood, I'd like to thank everyone who made an appeal to God and sent letters to help make this happen."). Still liked the idea of the local Episcopal church, but visited and the vibe there seemed a bit tumultuous. So, for the last couple of years, we've been discussing the Ann Arbor Unitarian Universalist Church. That's where we went. It really seems to align with much of our thinking, and looking around, everyone looked like someone we already hang out with - so we're going back next week. Now my kids can't blame me for at least introducing them to religion.

Yesterday I made Pioneer Woman's Vodka Sauce. I didn't have onions, so used onion powder, and substituted Fage 0% for Heavy Cream. I also added a can of white beans (is that why my hands were swollen this morning?). In college, I worked at a restaurant (Mario & Luigi's) that had the best Vodka sauce (super spicy), we used to pool our money to share a plate of it. I was afraid of burning out the kids sinuses, so went a bit easier on the crushed red pepper. I think I could have used more, but it was still really good.

Minutes after dinner, I wanted to sleep, but managed to stay awake w/ the boys to watch the Charlie Brown movie last night (I Want a Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown). We had just read that book yesterday, so 3-y-o really liked seeing the parts that were in the book.

I don't remember Rerun from Peanuts at all growing up. My husband says that he remembers Rerun as his favorite character. He, like Rerun spent most of his young childhood on the back of his mother's bike. My favorite line last night: "Over hill, over dale. Poor Dale."

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