Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last Minute Gifts

Can we all agree to stop calling them last minute gifts until Dec 24th? Granted, I am a huge procrastinator, but it really annoys me when people everywhere are telling me they need to pick up 'last minute gifts' - for next week.

I plan on buying my parents last minute gifts. Meaning when they call to tell me that they're within 50 miles of my house on Saturday, I'll go out and buy their gifts.


POD said...

Hopefully your parents will call to say that they're staying home.
Last minute gifts are what you buy on Dec 26th.

P/F said...

No, I've got their grandchildren - so they'll definitely show up to bask in my kids' adulation of them. 3-y-o told me that he approved of my decorating by proclaiming, "Pap-Pap will love it!" I don't think Pap-Pap would notice.

Also, last minute gifts are cash - in a homemade card.

POD said...

Oh, good idea. Cash in a home-made card. I'd have to wait to open the gift from my mom to get the cash to put back in her card.

I loved your comment about your sister's hair. That nearly killed me.

P/F said...

My sister knows how to bring the funny!