Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Tree is Trying to Kill Me

Okay, I have the tree 3/4 of the way up and apparently 20 strand of lights are not enough!
At about 3:15am (because I procrastinated by organizing photos on the computer), I realized that I was a bit too charitable with the lights, and will have to find a way to pull a strand or two out of the tree.

Also: realized that I'm not a big fan of Christmas music. I'd rather sing along to Pete Yorn.

So now, I'm avoiding the work, and thanks but no I can't just pick up another strand or two of lights because these lights are clear/white/orange and look like candle light. I'm tempted to pull a strand(*or three) from the back (below window level and replace them with a clear strand).

*That's what I did. Plus, while I was out, dog that wouldn't poop before we left pooped in her crate.......and ate it. Sh** burps actually smell worse than actual sh**!!


artsci said...

Why can't I comment?

artsci said...

It works, but a pop-up came up to give the password - I'll try full page comments.

artsci said...

Okay, the way the comments are entered is changed. Does this work better?

POD said...

Yes, so glad to see that you fixed this nightmare!!!
Thanks for commenting.
My first 3 posts the past few days were WAY more interesting than this feeble attempt. I'm tired from all my office decorating.
Don't let the tree kill you.
Not worth it.

P/F said...

Thanks for stopping by. The tree is done, and the good news is that I have more than a week before I have to take it all down :)

I don't know what was up w/ commenting, because it worked for me the other way. Evs.

POD said...

I'm glad you found a cure for both the tree and the commenting.

I thought the commenting debacle was due to my sickness...so self-centered.