Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bee in my Bonnet

I love my DVR. It has seen me through countless episodes of Cardio Max, Lost, and Real Housewives. With an equal fervor, I hate our huge, clunky DVD player that accompanies 4 large baskets of DVDs. Most of them we don't watch - but you never know when my husband is going to need a Caddyshack or Zoolander fix - so we keep them. I have to admit to more than a dozen workout DVD's of my own. I'm so tired of the audio-visual gymnastics that I have to do to play a DVD on our system. That and having to replace Toy Story twice due to scratches, and did I mention the 4 baskets of DVDs wasting space on our shelves?

While we were driving to Ann Arbor over the weekend, I asked my husband if we could get a hard drive to put all of our DVD's and downloaded iTunes episodes on - to get rid of the DVD's and make it easier to access them. He said that we should, then we both promptly forgot the conversation. Then I read this post. If I had the hard drive connected to the TVs, I would definitely be downloading more exercise shows (right now I put them on my iPod and connect to the tv with av cables). The comments were helpful too, with some sources for ripping old DVDs.

Project for this weekend: price hard drives that can handle the amount of files I need, and figure out a way to get it to work in three rooms.

Exercise: Friday - Cardio Blast Push-Pull
Saturday - Gilad Bodies in Motion and Total Body Sculpt w/ Gilad
Sunday - Gilad ''

Wed - Gilad Bodies in Motion and Total Body Sculpt


POD said...

Did you accomplish all your weekend projects??

P/F said...

Husband is on the entertainment-system-dedicated-computer. He will get to it eventually because I am annoying.

The only weekend project I accomplished was taking my 7-y-o to an antique store where he insisted on buying himself a fedora. We always joke that he's a 7-y-o teenager; but this week with the fedora and singing Sinatra - he's middle-aged at best.