Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Weigh-In

Went back to WW today, and my weight is 1.8 lbs over goal. So, hoping I can turn that around a bit by next week. The usual leader who is a really great, kind and motivating woman just had open heart surgery - so she'll be out for for a couple of months at least.

The new leader was nice. It was her first meeting (at this WW center) and she tried to get the meeting going, but was met with lots of blank stares. I somehow felt it was my job to get people talking, because I am a complete nerd. Also, Hello, when people lose weight - you clap because we're here for some f'ing support people. I hope that the duds at this meeting perk the f* up next time.

Also pretty happy that the leader gave me the week six booklet so that I can follow Simply Filling instead of spending my whole day counting points. Guess there was no reason to avoid going back.

Exercised yesterday - Bodies in Motion and Total Body Sculpt
Today too - 45 min on treadmill (3.09 mi)


POD said...

"Mouth breathers" had me laughing! I am that same kind of nerd. Can't keep my flap shut when others are staring off into the distance. And love simply filling. That's the plan I follow too.

Thanks for your comments on my post earlier. Really appreciated the input as always.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Thank goodness for the "nerds" who help keep things going by being supportive when other people are being totally lame!

And I'm not a WW person, so don't know exactly what the "Simply Filling" plan entails, but it sounds like you've hit a great milestone! Congratulations!

Melissa said...

I've been trying to do WW (online)in a really half-assed way since December. I need to commit--maybe going to an actual meeting would be a good idea. I just have so little time.....

But I'm starting a Fat Bet soon, I think, so that will be a good kick in the pants.

And I'm going to check out the Simply Filling thing. Counting points starts to feel obsessive after a while.

Good luck with that!

BOSSY said...

Does it speak to how tired Bossy is today that she saw WW and kept trying to make it be World War?

P/F said...

POD, simply filling (Core) is the best fit for me too - when I follow it. Remembering that trips to the pantry for crackers or a piece of chocolate are supposed to be counted is hard for me - that's why my weight is about 10-12 lbs from where I want it to be.

P/F said...

Thanks for the comment.
No great milestones here. I've not been eating as healthfully as I can (especially knowing that nearly all of my older family members are Diabetic).
I have to go to WW because even though the meetings are pretty lame, it is a really cheap ( or free) way for me to focus on what I can to be healthy this week; and it gives me a chance to go to the grocery store after without my three kids or husband tugging at my sleeve.

P/F said...

I commented on your Fat Bet too:) I'm looking at an American-made enamel Dutch-oven that I would never ever buy for myself and would be angry if I got for a gift (I'm a joy to live with). I have to work out the details, but like I said - the kids are going down!

P/F said...

thanks for stopping by. WW is for people like me who need to work a bit on things like self-control. If you're in the cult, it's WW. If not, you're wondering why people keep writing about war or wheat bread, or wrestling, or wildlife.