Monday, February 16, 2009


So, we're back from our short trip to PA. There's so much going around in my head based on the trip that I might go into on another day. I just can't leave there without feeling worried about and disappointed in the way that many of my family members handle the challenges of normal life.

Exercise Thurs, Feb 12 - 5 mile run/walk on treadmill. Walking got really boring, so had to start running for a while.

Fri, Feb 13 - Jillian Michaels' Boost/Metabolism.

Sat and Sunday - no exercise.

Noticing the time, time to get started on my exercise for today. Gilad?


POD said...

Disappointment can be a kind of an exercise. You can add that to your list.

I did Pike's Peak on the elliptical for 25 minutes (at level 2). I was a chicken.

P/F said...

Disappointment and chocolate are my perfect recipe for weight gain.

Yay for the elliptical! - I'm too lazy to get myself downstairs for my workout, that's why I'm spending preschooler's naptime on the computer.