Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finding it hard to resist some Flu-related pun or rhyme.

So, I guess that I can say that I'm officially over the flu. No more fever or chills despite wearing two sweaters and a fleece jacket. No headache or all-over bodyache, and no mountains of tissue lying in my wastebasket. I feel good. ....AND the Steelers won on Sunday (which I celebrated by eating four pieces of cake this week)! So now that I can obviously eat more than soup, it's back to eating right and exercising. I still weigh the same that I did when I started this blog in November. The whole point then was to work hard to get back to my ideal weight (actually just so my jeans fit right). That plan went right off the rails as soon as I rediscovered sugar over the holidays.

So, back to keeping a food journal, back to exercise, and back to Weight Watchers this week (either Thursday or Saturday will be my weigh-in). I still don't want to count points, because it almost makes my brain explode when I try to count points and make a healthy meal for my entire family - but I heard about filling foods and how it is much like CORE - so I'll try it.

I managed to get in some exercise today too - Sharon Mann's 'Pilates and Yoga' on FitTV and an hour walking on the treadmill (4.11 miles).

Also: on the Biggest Loser tonight when the contestants were walking across the gym carrying their team members piggyback-style. I do that with my husband all of the time, but just because we're total dorks, and we like to imagine what our neighbors probably think of the shenanigans that go on over here.


POD said...

I would not carry my boyfriend. But I wish he'd carry me sometimes. Glad you're over that flu. Sorry about the cake. I skipped the whole event and found out you can't overdue it if you don't do it at all. I'm thinking of adding more weight-increasing events and holidays to the list of things I'm not going to do anymore.

I use WW filling foods mostly. It works.
Up to 30 minutes on the elliptical.

Melissa said...

We're about in the same spot! Only my goal was not to gain any weight over Christmas. Thank goodness I'm not a big sweets person--except for my Christmas cake. I did really well, and was so relieved when 2009 now came around I really slacked off and gained. That and waiting for the inauguration...too much anxiety.

P/F said...

I'm not sorry about the cake, but also not sorry it's gone:) Made from scratch, organic ingredients, but too good. I've been avoiding going back to WW because CORE's gone, and I really refuse to count. Also avoiding because I probably didn't really want to be accountable or go back to meetings. I'm going back anyway.

Great job on the elliptical - also you're making me want one. Just last night I was thinking how great it could be if husband and I could be using treadmill and elliptical side-by-side while we watched Biggest Loser. I had no one to snark with while I was on the treadmill by myself.

P/F said...

Melissa - Yeah, I was down a couple of pounds, but I do get a sugar hangover after the holidays forcing me to bake cookies to get over the horrible weather around here. Doesn't work, it's still cold. I should learn to go to WW before the holidays so that I have a plan - but that would entail some insight on my part. Here's to getting back on track!