Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Selfish mothers

Did anyone watch The Biggest Loser tonight? I think that I just watched Helen force her daughter off of the show. While I did that, I ran 5.15 miles (can't just round down and say 5) on treadmill, then some crunches and push-ups (all of this while husband put the three boys to bed).

Oldest son returned to his 4th grade class from mid-winter break and the teachers were nice enough to welcome him with 4 hours of homework.


So much for ski club tonight. Sorry E. And felt really bad when I had to tell two of the neighborhood boys that he couldn't play because he had too much work to do. In addition the 4 hrs of work, he had his nightly reading assignment of at least 20 min. and had to practice his multiplication facts.


POD said...

So who was the selfish mother?
You for doing your exercise while your poor, picked-on & bedraggled husband had to put the boys to bed?
Or Helen? I thought Shanon wanted to go.

Mothers have to be selfish. It's the law.

P/F said...

Selfish mothers. I think that Shannon asked to go because it's what her mom wanted (she said as much after she was voted out). Not that there is anything wrong with being competitive, but I think that Helen definitely put her concern for herself way out in front of her daughter's well being. Everyone saw through it, but they also knew that Shannon had more weight to lose, so it helped them to keep Helen around.

And, when I go downstairs to workout, and come back upstairs and they're (mostly) in bed, I feel selfish. I'm not going to stop letting hubby pitch in once in a while (or a lot) - but I know my mom would never do that.

I think that moms need to be selfish sometimes too, but I see through Helen, she's a bigger competitor than they think.

POD said...

I agree. I didn't watch the show that much but I could tell Helen was kicking ass.

Amy said...

I wish I could motivate myself to exercise during TBL. Maybe next week...

I agree with Helen. I really thought the teams were gonna vote Helen off to give Shanon the chance.

P/F said...

I like to hit the treadmill (which is otherwise SOOO boring) during their 'last chance workout.' It's really motivating; and the show is really long.
- I'm too ADD to sit on the sofa for a whole episode.

Tom Rooney said...

You absolutely saw Helen kick her own kid off the show. This woman's been on season 7 since the beginning and she's the one that convinced her daughter that she needed to go. Even though the weight struggle is harder with Shanon, the group backed her. Some real character issues come out when the weeks turn into months.