Wednesday, June 3, 2009

30 Days of Exercise in June

So, I'm starting June off with a bit of a challenge for myself. I plan on finding some way to fit in exercise everyday in June, even if it means only 30 minutes of yoga. Last week was a bit of a disaster with exercise, I let myself slack off for almost the entire week.

So this week, I'll be logging my exercise weekly, and editing posts to records the week's activity.

1:Jillian Michaels Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism
2:5 mile run/walk, Cathe Friedrich Pyramid Upper Body
3:50 states and capitals, Total Body Sculpt w/ Gilad

Wah-wah, totally skipped the next three days - but wound up in a frenzy of painting, upholstering, planting and shopping for things to get the house looking more homey.
7:30 minutes of pilates. Might start adding more pilates because I felt really good afterward.


POD said...

Gimme something here...
Something other than exercise. Tell me something funny the boys did.

POD said...

I found another exercise to put on your list.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Looks like the month is off to a good start!

P/F said...

POD, last week at church double-G was playing with the other kids on a climbing structure when another boy (who happens to have long, flowing, blonde hair)used G's face as a foothold. G came over to me and said, "Mom - the lady boy stepped on me and hurt my face."

P/F said...

Crabby, thanks for stopping by! I completely failed the 30 days of exercise and managed to skip the next three days in a frenzy of gardening/ furniture painting/ reupholstering/ and picking up a set of table and chairs in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Did 30 min of pilates yesterday, so I'm getting back to it, but need more activity to get back to feeling as strong and fit as I need to.

POD said...

I'll bet you burn calories just thinking. you.

Ladyboy? How old is DoubleG? That is too cute.
Did the boy hear G call him a ladyboy?

POD said...

And also what's with the skip skip.
At least write down all those things you do to burn calories regardless of exercise like
go to playground.

P/F said...

G's 3. The other little boy didn't hurt G (much) at all. Grey actually didn't run right over to tell us, he told us about it (though we saw it) as we were all walking out - part of his report on his day at church. I didn't even understand what he meant by ladyboy until my older sons said, "Mom, you know, because of his hair!"
The little boy is really cute, and doesn't come to church often, so G doesn't know his name yet.