Friday, April 10, 2009

We're back

Okay, after a week of family wide ....Gastro-Intestinal issues, a trip to Pgh, and lots of coughing and sneezing - we're back. While most of the family was in the throes of vomit and the other thing that comes with that type of illlness, I was smug in the assertion that I was Superwoman and nothing could make me sick. I was so wrong. Five days of "GI illness" and I was left feeling like a deflated balloon.

Yesterday, I finally was able to get it together enough for some much needed exercise. Since it was so nice outside (after the weekend's 7-8" of snow melted) the whole family headed to the track with footballs, running cones, and iPods for the grownups. I definitely misjudged the weather as I ran/walked in the frigid temperatures that start as darkness begins to fall. I stopped a bit short of my intended 16 laps because the whole family was cold, tired, and NOT enjoying themselves.

so here's the exercise I have for what's left of this week:

Thurs: 14 laps intervals on track. Lungs burning from cold air and lack of exercise for over a week.

Fri: Gilad's Bodies in Motion and Total Body Sculpt w/ Gilad

Sat: Lots of scouring antique stores for a couple of particular things that we needed for Easter, no exercise.

Now I'm off to get the needed supplies to finish Easter Baskets and something cute for the new neighbors. Trying to decide whether to make them cupcakes or cookies. Made adorable cupcakes for Boy2's birthday last week with marshmallow peeps on top. Might do that.


POD said...

I am addicted to foodgawker and they have tons of Easter ideas for food you can make along with some really disgusting items too. (do not make the "magic Easter eggs" (they look like something someone would have made the year I was born)

Glad to see you're back feeling better.
I wish I had a hot cross bun but it's not possible to eat only one. So none it is.
Have a great Easter weekend.

P/F said...

Thanks for that link. I do kind of want to make the Magic Easter Eggs just to see if my kids would eat them. Just went to the store and they only had blue peeps - don't know what color icing I'd have to come up with to make them look at all palatable.

Spent the afternoon at the antique store looking for knitting needles - 8 year old SON is obsessed with learning to knit. Wound up at Wal-Mart where I found a pair for $3.

POD said...

I know how to knit though I can't really see any longer. When my kids were younger, I knitted xmas stockings for them and my husband. I loved knitting these things. Still have them.
I have always wondered about who (in our history) sat down with two sticks and decided to 'knit' something together.
I have friends who knit too...always thought of it as an old lady hobby but these folks are youngish and knit at meetings and get together and knit and have knitting clubs etc.
It's great that your son wants to knit.
There are some great online links for knitting too (with kids). Finger knitting.

Did you make those nasty eggs?

P/F said...

Carter and I are starting his knitting project tomorrow. He wanted to learn to knit partly because his older brother is knitting blanket squares in school and he never wants his brother to know how to do anything that he doesn't.

My girlfriend teaches elementary school art and tells me that for some reason all of the boys really respond to fiber arts. I remember making some sort of knitting loom with nails and scrap wood in sixth grade and many of the boys made them too. They would come into school wearing the scarves they made on it.

Now I want to search online for that. It would make a row of knitting in something like 10 seconds.

I definitely didn't make the aspic eggs - maybe we'll make some weird food or art project while Tom's out of town next week.