Monday, April 13, 2009

Exercise as Motivation

Getting a pretty good start to the week activity-wise, but because Easter brought with it lots of candy - food's going to be a pretty big focus for the rest of the week. I've really been missing the yoga that I practiced a few years ago. I've been so into the so-called "power yoga" that I've lost some of the more contemplative nature and deliberate movement of the yoga that I fell in love with. So, for the last two days, I've given 1/2 hour morning and night to a slow, deliberate Hatha practice. I'm already noticing an increase in flexibility.

Easter was really good - the kids loved their baskets despite the fact that the Easter Bunny made some significant cutbacks. Oldest got the third Diary of a Wimpy Kid book (bought with Borders coupon) and Pokemon cards with his bit of candy; Middle found an Indiana Jones lego set (on sale at Target but on his wish list) along with knitting needles and yarn. Baby (who's now three) is also really into the legos, so the Easter Bunny gave him a lego firefighter set along with some pastel Pla-Doh.

We took the kids to (UU) church. This is the first time in their lives that they've been to any kind of church on Easter. Does it sound like a back-handed compliment to you when someone tells you that your son is "all boy?" Or do they intend it as a comparison to your other son who prefers to dance shirtless in your living room so that he can show off the designs he made with his tattoo marker?

This week:

Sun: One hour yoga and 4 mile intervals

Mon: One hour yoga, Total Body Sculpt, and Bodies in Motion

Tues:Kids go back to school! 30 min yoga, 5 mile run, 30 min yoga.

Wed: 30 min yoga, triceps, biceps, back, chest - TV where Priscilla was TiVo'd suddenly isn't working - look for some yoga online tomorrow.

Thurs: 1hr30 raking yard, 30min yoga, Cathe Friedrich Bootcamp.

Fri: 30 min yoga, fitness trail and walk w/ kids, 30 min yoga.

Sat:4 mile walk w/ kids, fitness trail,


POD said...

"All boy" seems kind of back-handed. Who knows what boys are supposed to be like? All kids do funny, interesting things and someone who uses the phrase all boy probably says things like (when a boy cries) "be a man!'

I meant to comment yesterday but got distracted.
I expect to see pictures of knitted projects soon.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I love that kids are all different, and good for you being equally supportive no matter how boyish they are (or are not)!

(I was a complete loser at being "girly" growing up, so I hope times are changing when it comes to gender role expectations.)