Monday, April 27, 2009

Smartasses, stalking the subdivision, and of course, exercise.

With three kids, I have to say that something I'm very thankful for is that they're not picky eaters and they tell me they really like the meals I make for them. I wasn't so fond of my mom's cooking when I was growing up. It was a real thrill for me to have meat, starch, and vegetable actually appear as three distinct items at dinner. My favorite included anything that didn't leave a thick film of grease on the bottom of the plate.
So tonight I was serving pork with broccoli, lemon, and capers over wheat cappellini and as I was rounding the table I nearly tripped. I said, "Whoa, if I died you guys wouldn't be able to eat any more of my good cooking." My oldest (9) deadpanned, "We'd be okay - there'd still be leftovers from tonight."

Last week was a good one, T was in Vegas for work, it was nice to spend time alone with the kids. When either parent is missing, it seems like the morning routine is so much more streamlined, so we were able to get out of the house for school in much less time with much less confusion. There were lots of great conversations with the older boys that seem to sprout up more when only one parent is in attendance. Just before T left, we got an email from a couple of neighbors telling us that there was some kind of wild animal loose in the neighborhood, that one of the kids had found a bunny missing its head and shoulders (on Easter), and that a cat was attacked and managed to survive. The vet who performed surgery on the cat said that it definitely wasn't wounded from a domesticated animal, maybe a fox or wolf. I was hoping that there wouldn't be any bunnies for the dog to find, and since a rabid fox attacked someone in our town last fall, I was worried that the animal might be sick as well (why else would you not finish your Easter bunny?).

Exercise: So far this week, I've completed yoga everyday, and we took the kids for a short (8 mile) bikeride after the rain on Sunday. I had fun with Bodies in Motion and Total Body Sculpt w/ Gilad today. Gotta get the youngest to bed, I hear him sneaking back downstairs.

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POD said...

Good to see you are still alive. And watch out for stalking critters. How scary. The kids could use those remains for leftovers if necessary. ick.