Monday, January 12, 2009

So what's up

Right now I'm looking out at the frozen tundra that is our neighborhood. We had an additional 8" of snow on Saturday to cover the few inches already on the ground. It was a great day for the older boys to go skiing, so hubby took them over to the local ski hill for ski school. They had a great time until 7-y-o's skis were stolen. They put their ski's next to the ski school (where everyone is supposed to leave their skis) while they grabbed their boot bags from inside. When they came back out, C's skis were gone. We asked around and hubby looked everywhere hoping that someone took them by accident and left them somewhere else - no skis. So, we're off to buy him a new pair tomorrow. As for the last pair, I'm happy that he got to use them twice - I guess.

Further suckifying his weekend, C got lost on the way to his classroom at church (older brother thought it would be fun to ditch him). He came running back to our seats crying hysterically. Once I got him to his classroom, he realized he had been looking on the wrong floor. On the way home, he told me that he preferred the kids at the later service because the early kids act "even more wild than me mom."

We spent a couple of hours sledding on the new snow over at the playground on Sunday. The dog kept jumping in and out of the sleds. My "Death Case Scenario" was working overdrive, I was terrified that we were going to run over and break her legs. Also, you would not believe how heavy a three-year-old (G) can be to pull up a hill 20 or so times. G is fearless, he rode every sled down the incredibly steep hill, face-planted in the snow a couple of times, but always came up laughing.

My eating has been far from exemplary this week. Of course, I blame PMS. My motto this week is going to be, "I can eat it on Saturday." Hopefully by Saturday I'll have forgotten what seemed so good in the first place.


POD said...

All this snow and family time and church getting lost and potential dog broken legs has me wanting to nap.

I'm up to 6 minutes on the elliptical. I knew you'd be proud.

P/F said...

I'd be proud of any minutes on the elliptical :) I think that I'm too short to use them correctly - something about the handles looming over my head tells me this.

Did find one elliptical that I liked in a hotel gym recently. When I looked it up online, I found out that the company doesn't make it anymore.

POD said...

I think the smallest stride is 15. I got an 18 but the max they go up to is 20 I think.
I liked the 15 stride when I tried it but overtime I think it would have damaged my back.

I'm up to 15 minutes on it as of yesterday. Today's goal will be 18-20. By Sat, my goal is 24. It's exhausting. But I like moving.

Oh, sorry to hear you lost a relative to WLS. I know it's dangerous. Not a path I would choose ever. My sister told me yesterday she really misses the simple pleasure of taking a glass of water and drinking it down. That is sad.

P/F said...

Even though my legs are super short, I actually like the longer stride length (or maybe my knees preferred it). The one I like -the "Natural Runner" had the longest stride length AND the handles were fixed - so no headaches :)

My sister was considering WLS before our cousin died. If she still wanted it, I'd definitely support her decision all the way, but I would be a complete stress case behind closed doors.

...AND, that is amazing progress on the elliptical! Try to think of me when you go outside today, it was -11 degrees F when I took the dog out this morning.

POD said...

OMG, that weather! It was 70 something here. I really don't like it. (sorry) I would like some winter weather and some rain. I think I'd croak at those temps you are having. ha
I don't know if I'll meet my goal. Today was a flop with Chris's daughter getting hit by a car early this morning. We kind of all moved into panic mode (for lack of anything better to do. Things have improved. I got 6 minutes in early this morning. I'll do more when I go home tonight.
Not that you asked. ;-)