Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Healthy Start 2010 - Write It Down

I have a tendency to be completely useless when it comes to personal responsibility. Unless I write it down. So, for me it's time for baby steps, and the most important one for me is tracking. The picture in the post shows the way that I track. The best way for me to eat is the old Weight Watchers CORE method. Any food that isn't CORE gets counted as points. For me that's usually nuts, peanut butter, a cookie or piece of bread. I get 5 points a day to use as I choose - no more. So if I want a piece of cake, it's the small piece of cake and clean eating for the rest of the day. I can do this, and still cook for my family without a PhD, charts, graphs, and third-year Calculus. Otherwise, I'd be eating frozen dinners while the kids eat pizza or some other crap on a daily basis. That's me.

Also really important (possibly more important for me) is exercise. When I exercise, I put a big star on the top of the page and write in what my activity was (as you can see, no activity yet today). I haven't exercised regularly since the kids started school in the fall and I've been spending 4 hrs/day taking them to their respective destinations. Now that wrestling/skiing has started, my personal time just took another huge hit. That's why the new goal is to be in bed before 10pm nightly so that I can exercise before everyone gets up. I've done it before, and though it's not my preferred time to move, I can do it if it's my only option (and it is right now). Today I'm going to park the 4-y-o in front of Dora the Explorer after lunch so that I can do my workout. We're going sledding after I pick up the boys from school on the great hill near Maltby (in this part of MI, you have to actively find hills big enough to sled on and travel to them).

I'll be posting my thought on a Healthy Start to 2010 for the rest of the month. Any thoughts would be really welcome.


POD said...

Loved your photo!
I officially *do* weight watchers and I have been such a shit for the last year, paying the monthly payment and not losing a pound. Well, losing and gaining, losing and gaining. Watching the other meeting members drop hundreds of pounds. HUNDREDS!

P/F said...

Thanks POD. I've been more of a shit, only going to meetings when one of those 1/2 off meeting cards shows up in my mailbox. I've been bratty about the fact that I actually have to make an effort, so now the effort's going to have to be just that much bigger.

I cannot follow points, because I start getting totally obsessed, and start making really crappy meals. Heck I can't even follow a recipe most days without my resistance to authority kicking in.

POD said...

Isn't it weird that we resist our own self? Is that an addiction or the part in the 12 steps (of which I am not a 12 stepper) that is a power outside of our self?
How the heck do we do this if we are the power we resist? Amazing.

P/F said...

Does it sound like a weird question when I wonder if there actually are 'normal' people, who aren't marked by addiction?

"...we are the power we resist."
-that's beautiful. Put it on a t-shirt.