Sunday, January 10, 2010

Healthy Start 2010 - Give Myself Credit

I'm winding up the first week since I started tracking and it's really, really helping me stay accountable. Also helpful: finding out that the slice of Kirkland raisin bread is 3 points (150 cal, 2.5g fat, 3 g fiber). Yikes. Wish I had looked at the label before eating it. I definitely would have taken more time to appreciate what I was eating. In fact, I would definitely benefit from more appreciating in general; even appreciating myself.

There are times when I have it all together. I'm waking up early, exercising, getting the kids off to school with time to spare, the house is immaculate, Hubs is taken care of, my hair looks good, I'm getting some time to myself. It feels like everything almost takes care of itself, and I don't have to think about how it all comes together. There are other times when it's just the opposite. I resent having to scrub another toilet, I can't figure out how I could possibly fit in exercise or a trip to the grocery store with 3/4 of a dozen hands pulling me in different directions; the house is a mess and I don't even know where to start to get things back in order. When I'm in that place, my eating
follows with a similar chaotic quality. All the while I'm telling myself that I'm a sucky mom, wife, and housekeeper. That I'm an insult to the mirror, that I hope no one calls because I really have nothing to say. Usually, like everyone else, I'm somewhere in between.

To keep myself closer to the preferred end, I intend to Give Myself Credit where credit is due.
Last night, I avoided eating a cookie that I didn't need - something I haven't done in months - because I told myself that I could. We definitely can't control everything in our life, but we can control our response. Just reminding ourselves that we're doing well, looking good, and making our best effort certainly doesn't hurt.

So, when I exercise, I'm going to celebrate it. When I eat right, I'm going to notice. I'm going to choose to find something good in the mirror and acknowledge it. If I can do it, so can you.

What do you like about yourself today?


katieo said...

When I'm in that place, my eating follows with a similar chaotic quality.

so insightful.

I always have to stop on those crazy days where everything is out of order and a mess that it's usually that way because of something else that has taken priority. (sick kid, cleaning out a closet, getting the car fixed etc.) It's not that i didn't get anything done. It's just that the house (and me) happened to fall lower on the list. And when that happens- it's hard not to feel like crap. But really, there's no reason to.

Great post, I'll be thinking about my "credit" tomorrow. :)

P/F said...

That's a really good insight too. It's not that nothing's getting done, it that nothing's 'perfect', so I automatically discount any accomplishment that I've made.

I decided to walk around today with the same confidence I have when I'm all dressed up in my favorite clothes and high heels, even though I'm in runners and sweatpants.

POD said...

I like that I read this post. And I like what it says and I'm liking myself too. Gosh darnit.