Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good Fortune

So, everything is turning out to be very manageable. The broken appliances turned out with the best case scenario as far as repairs and a little reaching by the providers of our extended warranty. So now we have clean dishes and cold food after living for a couple of weeks with a mini fridge and a manual dishwasher.

We spent a couple of days this week at Kensington on the cross country course. While we were there, we saw deer, fish, turtles, swans, geese, turkey, cranes, a mole, and a cat. The kids initially resented us for the forced march, but they warmed up and were really excited by all of the animals by the end of the trip. Even with the gorgeous weather and fresh air, I have to admit that I've gotten really comfortable with not eating mindfully or exercising regularly. I have to make some changes. Starting right now, I need to journal every bite and get at least 40 minutes of exercise every day. With husband home on vacation this week, I have no excuse that there's not enough time.

I'm changing things up around here on the blog too. Just a bit to freshen things up.

Just bought read the Dave Ramsey book, and am feeling really stoked to completely change our lifestyle to continue to keep things in the right direction.


POD said...

One of his financial books? Ugh. Sounds boring. But the trip sounds good and the animals, wonderful.

Like the new look too.

POD said...

"But, because I'm not yet enlightened, the whole abandoning-his-wife-and-family-for-a-spiritual-journey thing sticks in my craw."

Who left everyone for a spiritual journey? My ex-boyfriend?
You mean "spiritual" journey???
I told him you don't find spirit at the end of your dick.

Or did you mean Sidhartha Gautama? Or who? Richard Gere and his hair? haha

P/F said...

Financial book, definitely not politics. Basically what I've been saying to my husband since we were dating without the words coming out of my mouth. So, husband's finally on board to get it to-*f*ing-gether.

Yeah, Sidhartha Gautama - Buddha. Not your ex, silly. But I can't wait to read about your experience.

P/F said...

"read about your experience."

...With Buddhism, not the ex or Richard Gere's hair ;)

POD said...

I just came over here to tell you about my picture and then cracked up at your comments from yesterday.

I wasn't sure about Sidhartha..that he left a wife etc. I heard he was a young man. Frankly I'd rather they leave when they are younger than when they are older and STUPID!

I'm working on another post even though its' a holiday Friday. It's dead at work and I had an interesting evening. So I have to get the words out of me. Exorcism!