Monday, September 28, 2009

Gilad and Jillian to the Rescue

I haven't worked out in ages. Old habits that I knew were ingrained have just fallen by the wayside. Among other excuses, I haven't been able to figure out exactly where I can fit exercise into our new schedule.

Today, I decided to put my preschooler in front of NickJr (when did it stop being Noggin?) for a bit while I worked out to my hero Gilad, and I squeezed in a level of 30-Day Shred before having to basically run through the shower on my way to pick up Son1 from school. I feel great about not making excuses today.

And I'm calling myself out to keep it going.

I'm making it a habit. Especially because there was cake on Fri for G's birthday, and there'll be cake again for E's big day.

image from Netflix


POD said...

You go! (sorry I had to write that).

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Hey, cake is a GREAT reason to exercise. I'm all for that.

P/F said...

Thanks POD. You know it's pretty bad when I tell my husband that I worked out and he's incredulous.

Tracey - thanks for stopping by. I was looking at your blog(s) and see so many parallels in my thoughts/family and what you're doing/writing about.

Charlotte said...

I have never heard of this Gilad person! But with abs like that, I think I need to do some more research, lol! Glad you found a way to fit in your workout - it is so tricky with kids!!