Monday, August 10, 2009

Balloons in the Backyard

One of the really cool things about living here is probably that our town has a Balloon Fest every summer. If the wind is right, a half-dozen-or-so balloons will take off from or land in the field behind our home. Because the weather was perfect, we saw dozens of balloons float over our roof top. This year's favorites: the carousel balloon that 's a regular sight in town, and a new penguin balloon. I ran up to snap a picture of these two landing in the field this year ('09).

I think that every time I need to vent, I'm going to mitigate it with a picture that reminds me of something cool. In the last three days, both the refrigerator and dishwasher have died. We just had to replace the motherboard on the computer in July and paid over $300 to fix the microwave a couple of months ago. Yes we could have bought a new microwave for almost as much, but I'm feeling like we really need to mitigate the huge footprint that we're already leaving on the earth and actually fix the stuff we have instead of tossing it aside for something new. Another bonus: warranty on fridge expired July 28, and the problem is more costly/complex than pretty handy Hubs can handle on his own.

Aren't the balloons really cool?


POD said...

Buy a balloon and run away. Don't you feel like doing that? Become a ninja or a pirate and sail off for shores unknown. Scary, kind of like all your kitchen appliances pooping out at the same time and having no money to fix them or replace them.

P/F said...

Last night, I told my husband that everything breaking at once was a giant validation from the universe that we're (finally) on the right track (again).

katieo said...

"everything breaking at once was a giant validation from the universe that we're (finally) on the right track (again)." haha!

I hate when everything breaks at once. Last year it was our computer and our car. and the air conditioning. I remember walking on eggshells...afraid that if I breathed the wrong way the house would collapse.

katieo said...

p.s. love the balloons! That is so cool.

P/F said...

thanks katio! we're resisting the temptation to wait for the other shoe to drop too. Once they're fixed - it's like we have all new appliances, right?