Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gilad Spotting

Just watched Burn After Reading, and, John Malkovich working out to Gilad? Awesome.

...4 miles today! Not all running, knee was feeling a little sticky, so I took it a little easy.


POD said...

I have been recording Gilad. I love his accent and love to listen to him give commands. I started doing an arm /chest workout last week and about 30-40 seconds into it, I thought, 'Gawd, this hurts my arms!' and sat back down on the bed to watch him some more.
I, too, have a sticky knee but did my usual elliptical regardless. We did a quick bike ride last night, concentrating on local hills. My fractured arm is still very sore but that is the least of my problems.

Loved Being John Malkovich. I would give my eye-teeth to be shot out on of someone's ear onto the NJ Turnpike. Probably a lot like chemo.

Loved your comment on my post. It made my evening. Chris reads the blog and the comments so he'll like it too. The fact that, I'm guessing, remembered PINK DUMB?
That was too funny.
Thanks as always.

P/F said...

Love all of your comments POD.

I'm back, I'll blog about something later.

Just left a comment on your blog.