Thursday, July 23, 2009

Get the ball rolling

So, I've managed to overcome a bit of my inertia of late. I managed to work out three days so far this week. Most of my challenge is just getting started. I worked out (Cathe Slow and Heavy chest and back, ow) on Tuesday, then husband asked me to go to the track with him and the boys. I said that I'd walk a couple of laps. Well, I got there and started to walk, and of course the music started to get to me and I wound up running a few miles in my trail shoes. Hubs knows that if I get started, I cannot help myself and have to continue until I get in a full workout.

So that's the idea for the rest of the week. Of course 6 veg/fruit per day, 6 waters per day, and FIVE minutes of working out. Five because I know that if I can just get started, I'll get in a full workout.

Any other tips for just making it happen?

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POD said...

How about the threat of dying early? Is that motivation?