Tuesday, March 2, 2010


21 days of exercise in a row. So, isn't this the point where it becomes a habit again? I'm still finding it ridiculously hard to wake up at 5am. I cannot fall out of bed and exercise, so by the time I'm up, coffee'd and ready, it's 6. So we hurry through our workout and morning to get a couple of us out of the door by 7:30. I'm trying to get to bed earlier; but Lost is on tonight.

This morning was X Stretch. After P90Xing all week, this is the 'workout' I need most. I was standing in front of the pantry yesterday, willing some chocolate to appear when I pondered the fact that "Legs & Back" means "Buttocks", because I am so sore there. It does make for fun conversation with my husband while waiting for services to begin:

"You were so good this morning."
"Yeah, but that part against the wall was really hard, my legs were shaking."
"That's nothing, I can barely walk. My butt is killing me!"

My butt hurt so much last night that hubs volunteered to rub it for me until it felt better. I had to assure him that my bum was fine, yes you can stop rubbing it, and no my chest feels just fine too. With all of this exercise I haven't lost one pound. That's okay, because I have made two batches of rolled butter cookies with buttercream icing and crushed mint candy. I have been pretty good with having at least one fruit/veg with every meal. Now that I'm in a routine with exercise, I need to focus on eating properly. One sweet per day will suffice. It will sure beat the sugar with sugar chaser method I've been treating myself to lately.

Bad news: woke up to buzzing fridge this morning. Had a close call in the summer when we needed to replace a switch (for free). The repair guy said that the compressor could go at any time (over $600 repair). Guess what we're looking at? Anyone want a broken Jenn-Aire armoire fridge? I can't justify the expense. I'd like to try to replace the switch again. If that doesn't work, I'll buy a white junker and give the fridge to the repair guy.


POD said...

Good for you and your exercise and your butt rub and your chest rub (haha).

Have you heard of freecycle? Freecycle.org - go there and put up a post for a "free" fridge. See what happens. Maybe someone has an extra working fridge they can give you/donate.

Also, read some of this article about Roger Ebert and his looks. He talks about having a difficult time looking in the mirror but figures "what the hell...that's how I look, after all." It reminded me of what I commented on yesterday.

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I still can't not get over that you made a phone holder! Sorry about the pain....

P/F said...

POD, freecycle is a good idea. I went on freecycle once about a year or so ago, and I think that I was too lazy for it. I just wanted to give away some "earth friendly" detergent that was so strongly scented Double G broke out in hives. I didn't feel like setting up a whole member profile or anything. I finished up throwing the detergent away and feeling guilty for the waste.

Also: Roger Ebert. I'm one of those 'everyone is beautiful' people. Roger Ebert has always had a positive, radiant energy and I loved seeing him on the preview. I thought that he looked really good. There is nothing wrong with the way he looks. Which makes me a hypocrite. If I'm at a party and someone brings a camera out, I suddenly feel the need to 'help out' in another room or go to the bathroom. It's the way it is, I am aware of the craziness, but the craziness is still there.

P/F said...

Acanthus and Acorn, Hi! I'm sure I saw the idea on someone's blog, but it turned out really well, and helped reuse something that was going in the recycling bin anyway. It seems like something that would do really well at a charity gift bazaar.

Love your blog. It's full of simple, beautiful, inspirational ideas.

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

This post was great! I have been regularly working out for a couple years now and it still isn't habbit lol. don't get me wrong I hate the feeing when I don't get to workout but that doesnt mean the workout is any more fun. you know what really helps the sore butt? the heated seat in the car always does the trick!! :)