Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The List

  1. Portland, Oregon
  2. Madison, Wisconsin
  3. Burlington, Vermont
  4. Ann Arbor, MI
I wanted to put Pittsburgh, PA on the list; I love the city and it has the lowest cost of living of the entire group. I couldn't do it because I just don't see a big focus on health/fitness overall. Otherwise it would be at the top of the list.


POD said...

What is this a list of? Cities you love, ones you'll visit?
I heard on Dr. Oz, that the happiest city is Sunnyvale, CA which I figured was total b.s. I live not too far away. Their spokeswoman was high on something.

and the worst place was Hazard, KY but with a name like Hazard, what do they expect?
it's like saying Hell, AZ is a hot place to live. Duh.

julie said...

I can vouch for Burlington, VT. We have been trying to make the move there...but jobs are a problem in VT. There just are not a lot and the cost of living is very high compared to salaries.

Still...the best place ever.

P/F said...

POD, I live just north of Hell, MI - a fact that I share often. The list is of cities to spend the rest of our lives. A2 would be an easy move, with no real changes necessary. The other cities would involve scary change of career, etc.

Julie, yeah - we're trying to figure out if we could both get jobs as physical therapists, or if husband could telecommute for a job offer he's been considering in Mass. But Burlington has so much of what we are looking for long term. Plus, it's close enough to skiing. If one of us could work for a resort and score free skiing for the family, it would significantly swing things in Burlington's favor.

POD said...

Okay, I'm back. I have friends in Portland. I have been to Portland. It is a beautiful city. I found it similar to SF but without all the nonsense. It is a stunning city. I'd move there in a heart beat. They have a rose garden. A huge book store that covers blocks of downtown called Powell's. There are a lot of university kids there. Lots of coffee shops and it's between Washington and California.

I have never been to Burlington VT but from what I have read about VT, other than cold, it sounds beautiful and is closer to you guys now.

P/F said...

We have friends in Portland, and we were talking to their parents (who live here) about going out for a visit. Their reply: "Have fun, but please come back."