Friday, October 16, 2009

Being Grateful

I'm just really tired of looking at the same page. Instead of writing about how I feel, which would be somwhat negative (hello early winter) and not constructive, I'm going to be thankful because I know that lots of things in life are more about how we frame them.

Saying that I'm grateful for all of the really big things makes me worry that I'll jinx myself, so maybe I'll acknowledge mostly the things that aren't so big.

I'm glad that of the 23 houses on my street, 13 haven't gone into foreclosure, and more than half of the couples are still married to each other. I'm glad that a few of my kids' best friends are still able to spend half of their time with the parents that still live in the neighborhood.

Because the kids are LOVING school, I don't mind spending 3-4 hours taking them there and back (I'm serious - it is worth EVERY minute).

All three kids (and hubs) sick in the last week means that I get to mommy them a little bit more. Sometimes it's nice for mom when everyone wants to cuddle.

Husband working 76-80 hrs/week means that business is doing well enough to keep on going in this crazy Michigan economy. Also, I get to spend a bit more time talking to kids, helping with homework, teaching them to cook.

Even though he is the busiest man alive, hubs is really the most caring person I have ever known -his ability to see the positive in everything is the reason why I knew he was the one for me - and his friends are wrong, I am the lucky one.

Hubs might be home this weekend - fingers crossed. I may be able to get that armoire downstairs, and take a walk by myself.

The 50% off coupon at Michaels? Awesome. Making cheap, fake art for bedroom out of canvas and scrapbook paper is a fun distraction. Also learning that my house needs more glitter.


Mrs Furious said...

Alright what is going on in your neighborhood? Are you in a Ford neighborhood or something? Why is your kids school so far away? Email me... please...I need to know. FYI Mr F is interviewing in MI next Friday.

POD said...

There is a lot of glitter to be gratudy about.
You did good.

POD said...

Oops, I mean gratitudy

P/F said...

Be careful what you wish for Mrs. F.

I don't have your email, but let me know what it is, and I'll send you the messy tale.

P/F said...

Thanks POD, teaching Sunday school today was fun too.